"But when people say, Did you always want to be a writer? I have to say no! I was always a writer."
Ursula LeGuin



I agree with George Orwell in 1984 that "if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought". Through the Alexandra Zion BLOG , I am intentional about corrupting your thoughts one word at a time.

Maybe, just maybe, this is the only place where corrupt means something positive.

Well, you have to find out. (Read blog here)


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Meet Me

If you're here, I'm guessing you really care to know something about me...and that, my friend, fills my heart with joy!

Alex 3

Alexandra Zion


Travel. Fashion. Hot chocolate

It's okay for you to know that I almost cannot resist a cup of hot chocolate, and that goes for bread too.

Maybe money cannot buy joy but money sure can buy happiness...well, that's because I know what it is to come out of a bookstore with a bag full of books.

So yes, maybe a lot about this....wanderlust, story teller, book nerd, church girl, terrible dancer, average singer (so says the bathroom), poetry lover, old soul....maybe a lot about this girl revolves around the above listed.

Oh yes! It's a pleasure to meet you too!

While you're here, I hope I whisper the sweetest of things and the seeming bitterness of truth to your heart at all times.

May all who come as strangers leave as friends. ✌️


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