FAITH || CUTTING CORNERS (Lessons from Steven Furtick)

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How has the week been? Welcome to the weekend! I remember saying on Monday that we would be opening our Bibles today. Leggo!

“I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfil his purpose for me “. Psalm 57:2

David had written Psalm 57 at the time when he fled from Saul and went into the cave in the wilderness of En-Gedi. So Saul was after David’s life and David, anointed to be king, was fleeing like a mere servant. I spent a good deal of the week listening to the excerpts and the full message of Steven Furtick’s Cutting Corners. It’s a 40-something minute sermon and you can find it here. It is life-changing!

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Pastor Furtick focused on the decision of David in 1 Samuel 24 (Check it out). David and his men had run from the traps of Saul and his army and had run into the cave. Somehow, Saul had run into that same cave to relieve himself. David’s men saw Saul and said, “Now’s your opportunity!”. David, like you and I, reasoned with his men and he went ahead to cut off a corner of Saul’s robe. Now, this might not seem like a big deal, but it was. God had promised to give David the victory over Saul, but God had not promised to do it by cutting corners and allowing David to jump ahead of His timing. Immediately David took that step, his conscience began to bother him and I want you to look at your Bible if you can. The Bible tells us what David said, “The Lord knows I shouldn’t have done that to my lord the king. The Lord forbid that I should do this to my lord the king and attack the Lord’s anointed one, for the Lord himself has chosen him”. (Verse 6). Even though David was the next anointed one, he restrained himself from killing Saul, the “currently “ anointed one. He knew it was wrong to get into God’s Will for his life on his own terms and conditions.

When God gives us a promise or tells us something about our future, it is not in our power to make it happen. Yes, we might go ahead to master certain skills, to prepare, to become disciplined, but none of it will eventually evolve until God says it will. This is why David says, “I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfil His purpose for me”. We are not to fulfil our purpose for ourselves; on the contrary, it is God who fulfils His purpose for us.

So, Pastor Furtick tells you and I that:

  1. If we honour the process, God will honour us. Yes He will. He will honour the promise and “give us a run for our dependence on him”.
  2. You and I should want God’s Will, God’s Way.

Repeat after me: I want God’s Will, God’s Way. (Say it over and again till it sinks into the fibre of every corner of your being and till it swallows up every temptation to cut corners on your way to your Promised Land).

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So, promise yourself and be determined not to ever cut a corner, because God is actually planning to give you the entire robe!

Side Text: Proverbs 13:11

“Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows over time”.

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N.B: Watch the full sermon in just one click. CLICK.

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