FAITH || If God Seems Far, Guess Who Moved?

Hello Royalty.

I remember my service unit in undergraduate days (not too long ago lol). But yes, I remember those days in my service unit, and they were days of bliss. Spending time with other believers worshipping was a whole lot of bliss. It was a good “getaway” after classes stressed you to the bone. I remember our Bible Study sessions, and how we all came to the feet of our Master to learn in unison. During one of those times of gathering, we would have little notes passed to each and every one of us. Sometimes, they were Bible verses, other times they were quotes. One of those notes got to me one day. I read it, and it said, “If God seems far, guess who moved?” You bet I answered a “me, yeah?” in my mind. Well, I kept it for a long time until I could find it no more.

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Maybe you can also bet that I did not just remember these legendary notes out of the blues. One Sunday morning (the 24th of last month), I was reading my Bible at about 3:42am, and I saw the meeting Jesus had with his disciples before the Passover in a new light. This can be found in John 13: 21-38. Jesus had washed their feet, and he was predicting his betrayal by Judas, and his denial by Peter. Many things were going on, and we are familiar with this story. But, here’s what I realized: Judas was the one to leave the table. And sometimes, we are like Judas – in a hurried and frenzied state to play to the world’s dictates and opinions. In all of our thoughts and moments of finding ourselves between a rock and a hard place, Jesus knows. So, when Jesus said, “Hurry and do what you’re going to do”, Judas knew, even when nobody else knew what Jesus was talking about. When Judas chose to leave that table, he “moved” from God’s presence.

In our journeys, it is never enough to know that Jesus is ready to fulfill our needs, it is much more important to know that he is there to fill our greatest desire: the need for companionship. It is equally important that we stay with him. Sometimes, God seems far and silent, but the truth is He never leaves us nor forsakes us (Hebrews 13:8). I understand this in a pretty vague way, but I totally believe it. My three-month old nephew is always on the lookout for someone’s eyes or skin. When he’s placed in his bassinet, you’ll find him crying and stretching, until he sees someone hover over him. When he sees someone, he stops crying immediately. Now, this might be vague, but doesn’t this sound familiar? We cry to God, asking if he’s there, but we forget that he is in the very house that we are in. He’s probably “cleaning up our dirty laundry”, “making our food”, ensuring that we have all that we need. It’s amazing, isn’t it? That the one who is closest to us is the one we do not even see. God has never ever left our sides, and he never will.

Don’t doubt it!

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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