Hello Royalty.

I hope your day is brightened up by this smile.  ?

Today’s post is inspired by quite a number of things that happened around me and in my life over the past few days.

First, I am so overjoyed by the people who take time out to send me an email. I got a mail from someone who said she had missed having me on Instagram and so she came to the blog ‘to read up old posts just to get a feel’ of me. She said many other things which I would rather not disclose, but I literally smiled the entire day after reading that email.  A friend had also mentioned something similar sometime in April. Consequently, I decided to find my blogging mojo and if you got my last newsletter, you know what I am talking about. If you didn’t, you should probably scroll down to subscribe to the blog.

I’m getting somewhere. Stay with me and read on.

Secondly, when I partnered with the You Knead This Pastry (YKTP) team, we got together to say a quiet and quick prayer before opening the stand up to customers. We got some quirky looks from other people after praying, but you know the rule: pay no mind. So, we just focused and it was a success.

Third and most striking was a testimony I heard at church yesterday. During the first service, the drama unit of the church had a ministration where a man had lost all hope and was on the verge of committing suicide when the gospel got to him. I later got news that in the second service, a first time worshipper who was in the first service gave a testimony of how he was contemplating suicide, until he watched the ministration. God is actually amazing!


So here’s why I put up all of these three things: THE SEEMINGLY LITTLE THINGS REALLY MATTER. 

I used to know this as true, but it sank into my brains even better during this period. Yes, we are not perfect and we don’t always have it all together, but we can make magic happen through the little things we do – the seemingly insignificant things. I would have probably still battled with my blogging mojo if I didn’t get that email and if I didn’t want you to not have something fresh to read. The exhibition would probably not have been a total success without the seemingly unnecessary prayer. That first timer at church would have probably found no peace with him/herself if there was no drama group ministration. You know?

So here are three things you should know about the little things of life:

  • They matter – yes, they go a long way!
  • You are needed – more little things, more big results.
  • Keep 1 and 2 in your heart of hearts.

Alrighty! That’s pretty much it for today. So much love from here – have a super week!

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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