Hello Royalty.

Welcome to a new week. July is running so fast – so fast I can’t seem to ketchup, can you?

However, I came across something I wrote at the back of one of my journals in June. I penned these thoughts on a plane after watching A Wrinkle In Time. Have you watched that movie? Did you like it? I liked every bit of it.

Many of us are like Meg Murray, or have at least been like her at some point in our lives. You know, a gifted girl who doesn’t quite know she is gifted, except that some of you are not girls, but guys. But the story is the same, isn’t it? We can’t seem to face our own reflection in the mirror because it’s the worst that could ever exist. We also think our faults are the end of us. I bet we have been wrong.

At some point in the movie, I like how Reese Witherspoon, cancel that and say Mrs. Whatsit, gives Meg the “gift of (her) faults”. Meg was about to begin a mission to bring back her father and Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Which were going to “bless” her. And while Meg already concluded in that kinky head of hers that she was so full of flaws, Mrs Whatsit assured her that her faults were just going to make a perfect blend. I would tell you the rest of the movie but this is not the purpose of this post, so let’s get to that instead.

Do You Need Affirmation Too?

Among the many messages in between the scenes, I excluded the message of affirmation and how deeply today’s generation seems to be in dire need of it more than any other generation. Think about it slowly – affirmation, a-f-f-i-r-m-a-t-i-o-n.

So, I wrote this:

Affirmation has always been man’s greatest need – the need to be loved, to be wanted, the need to be called beautiful and to know that your presence matters to the universe. Why is it much talked about in this century? Why so many motivational speakers? Are they all motivational? Or do a few simply play on the knowledge that affirmation is needed? Easy cash, ya kno!

Slowly, the realization dawns that a full life begins from within – fast cars and Snapchat filters wouldn’t even suffice. The self-confidence shout is louder than ever. Every status update is an encouragement in view. The need-to-be-loved cry has never been louder; the epidemic of broken hearts have seemingly never been more rampant either. Slowly, the feelings are beginning to develop hands and feet. Yes, no more shut-it-all-in life like our progenitors did. No more just live to make a living, now we want a meaning. No more yearns to have placards carried in honor of us when we take trips to the village; not so much fulfillment simply by the amount of dollars in our pockets – the richest are more attentive listeners to suicide, ask Richard Cory. 

Now, we want something deeper – a sense of belonging, a confirmation of affirmation. Guess what? Darkness knows this too and this is why our minds are a battle field – soldiers of judgment, missiles of identity confusion, guns of insecurity, bullets of faults, a war of condemnation. How are we fighting this army that is against us? How are you fighting? Are you fortified? Well, I am.

Let me tell you my secret: Jesus. It begins and ends with Him. For God and from God – my end and my means. I am different. I am a stranger passing through. My place of difference is not tied to my location, it’s tied to my destination. I’d rather let my destination define this affirmation. I am the God-created and the God-sustained.

Yes, we all need affirmation. But are we a search party headed in the right direction?


In other news, a travel post might just be on its way! ?

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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