Hello Royalty!

It feels so good to be writing to you again, as it always does. Earlier this week, I put up an Instagram poll asking what kind of post you would like to read: a post spilling different facts you didn’t know about me OR  a post spilling the top things that are always in my bag. I got more votes for this post and I got a number of DMs saying, “BOTH”. So, I’ll do this today and the “What’s in my bag?’ post next Friday.

Let’s get to it already!

What are ten things you didn’t know about me?

  1. I was born in Ghana.

Accra to be precise. This is something even a number of my friends do not know, because I am not always so particular about it. I also have a Ghanaian name. It’s Nana Akua. While Nana is a chieftain title in Ghana, Akua is given to a child born on Wednesday. In case you find me offline at any time and you call me Nana, I’ll be sure to respond.

2.  I am from Ondo State, Nigeria.

Contrary to popular opinion that I am from Eastern Nigeria because of my “looks” as people say, I am actually from the West. I am a Yoruba girl. ?

3. I have brown eyes.

Next time you see me, you’re allowed to stare in order to confirm.

4. Last born of 4 girls.

Being the last born, for me, is exciting on the most part, but you get the drill, you’re still everyone’s “baby” and you can be told to do just anything at just anytime. ??‍♀️

5. I’m an Old Soul.

Yes, I like old things and appreciate older centuries lol. People, Antiques, Jewelry, Clothes, Letters, Cards, Hard Copy Books. So much, I don’t remember reading an e-book to finish. Call me weird.

6. I write love poems.

A lot of people think I write only inspirational poems and its related types. I actually write on other topics: love, migration, and womanhood. I’d put up a poll soon about this. Let me know if you want me to share them.

7. Best food

Bread and beans. ?? A-ha! Call it what you may. Bread and beans works for me at any time. If not, maybe Beans and Dodo (fried plantain).

8. I’m a little foodie.

As much as I hate to admit it, this “foodie” self of mine is bent on becoming. ? I usually say, “Good food is therapeutic” and that’s true. So yes, I try my hands on different dishes and I eat really well, except under stress.

9. I’m part  of the “hold a concert in the shower and have a speech in front of the mirror” gang.

That explains itself. ?

10. Apart from English, I read Yoruba Literature.

I’m a culture freak and I’m not shy about that. If I was well grounded in other languages, I’d read their literature. I’ve tried French literature too, even if I had to do so with a dictionary. There’s just something deep and soothing about such literature.




Myths I’d like to correct

  • I’m not a Pastor’s daughter, but as   apparent as it is, I love Jesus!
  • I’m not uptight. ? I can be coy. But I’m actually fun.

This post was hard to compose on the most part, because I don’t like to talk about myself. ? I really do hope you enjoyed it and can now testify that you know me better. ?

There’s a sizzling inspirational post cooking up for Monday and I can’t wait to share it with you. While we wait, please hit the share button on this post and comment, comment, comment. Don’t be a ghost reader this time ?. At least I’m not a ghost writer. ☺️


Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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