Cake. Cakes. Cakesssss.

Hello Royalty.

I am so happy to be writing to you this weekend. How has the week been? My week has been pretty good and the weekend is simply ongoing, BUT the weekend before this week was amazing, which is what I am sharing on the blog today.

If you know me well enough, you know I am the foodie who never admits to being a foodie, but let’s talk about cakes, does anyone say NO to cakes? Shockingly, I found out this past weekend that I was wrong. How? I attended a Cake Exhibition in Abuja, in honour of a brand I worked with. I had to hone in on my marketing skills (wherever they came from) and get the cakes sold out, because I joined the You Knead This Pastry (YKTP) team in making magic happen, and as much as lots of people were drooling over the taste of their cakes, I heard a few say, “I don’t eat cakes…I really don’t like cakes.” I was very much awed. Do you like cakes…or are you one of ’em?

The night before the exhibition, I made a snap of YKTP’s four-flavoured un-iced cakes, chinchin and chocolate chip cookies. Of course, I also had some to taste and their cakes are soft and sweet. Being a cake lover, I have tasted quite a number of cakes and to save you the stress, I do vouch for YKT pastries any day!

Exhibition Day

Wearing: YKTP branded shirt, Cropped Jeans and Adidas Yeezy Boost 350. In case you’re wondering if my earrings are the right fit for T-Shirt and a pair of jeans, I am wondering too. Well, I attended the fair almost immediately after church, so I still had a bit of church slayage on. *flips hair*

What you should know about YKTP.

You Knead This Pastry is an Abuja-based bakery born out of love for baking. They bake cakes, muffins, bread, pies, you name it! The thing about this brand that makes me in love with their philosophy is that they do not leave your health out of question. With an inclination for staying healthy, they make special pastry for persons who are gluten intolerant and people who are diabetic too.

I am absolutely hearting their Lemon Poppy Cake (yes, that’s today’s title), specially made for diabetics. No, I am not diabetic but it is so nice. It is made with no sugar, it contains low calories and it has this sweet-sour taste, drenched in crunchiness and softness at the same time – goodness! When you get a taste of it, remember I told you first.

How Exhibition Day went down:

We were sold out! It’s amusing. Quite a number of buyers tasted before putting some of their cash down (yes, we had some for “tasting”, you should have been there) and they loved it instantly.

Can you get you some YKTP goodness?

Absolutely! You can catch them on Instagram @yktpastry; put a call through to +2348100000369 , send a WhatsApp message or send an email to 

In other news, can you peep my natural hair growth? Pictures from the exhibition made me realise how much it has grown. It is a year and 16 days since my BIG CHOP, and I am loving every bit of this growth (sorry about the blurry image).

Thank you so much for reading!

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of You Knead This Pastry. All opinions are 100% mine. (you know I can’t lead you on for nu’in!)

PS: If you need a blogger to tell the world about your brand, I am available at For more of my services, click here (terms and conditions apply).

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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  1. As a cake lover I was at the Exhibition as well and YKTP stand was amazing. I actually enjoyed the 4 layered cake I bought that day. I am yet to taste the lemon poppy cake though. Someone should buy for me ??

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