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Hello Royalty.

Typing that line just made my heart melt. It feels like it has been forever; somehow, it also always feels that way, but before I get into the whole idea of this post, I’d like to wish you a happy new month! Can you believe the year is almost wrapped up? I almost cannot believe it.

I got back on social media last weekend and the love has been crazy!! I mean, the comments and messages got me thinking, “it’s not my birthday, right?” I am grateful! Thank you all so much for the overflowing love. 

Let’s address the real reason for this post: my last Instagram poll revealed 72% “Life Update post” and 28% “any of the four categories.” I see you right there.


After going off the gram in April primarily because I wanted to focus on more writing and I was down on inspiration (sincerely) for content creation and blog writing, I engaged the first week in setting new goals. I also drafted a plot for a story which has been haunting me for years now. Yes, I am writing a book!!

Another major good news is that I got into graduate school in the USA, precisely the DMV area!! If you know me quite well, you know I’m the school girl who does not really get tired of school (call it what you want lol). Between starting the new book’s process and getting into grad school, I had to make the decision of either going for the NYSC scheme or choosing grad school. I did the latter.

Also, the blog has a new look! I bet you can tell by now. The process of buying a new theme and setting it up almost had me bunkers; I remember ranting to Olumuyiwa @muyi_green on phone, but thank God for friends like Dominion @domi_ie who are tech oriented. Please take time to explore the hard work and sign up for my monthly newsletter too.

I also learnt that in all, God always comes through for His own!

Books I read while on break:

Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti

A. W. Tozer’s The Attributes of God 

Octavia Butler’s Kindred

Then I bought so many books in July and August. My! Really can’t wait to start delving into all those books and sharing them with you.

Where I visited:

I was in the one and only Fabulous LAS VEGAS, NEVADA in July!

This place is so beautiful, I’m shook!

I did not spend so much time exploring the city, so I might not be able to say so much, but I saw a few breathtaking places like the Mandalay Bay and The Stratosphere.


Distributing Deep Roots Devotional: So I ‘hated’ the progress of distribution and reach of the devotional. However, instead of feeling beat up about it, I decided to make it a daily entry on the blog as from January, 2019. This way, everyone can have a dose of daily communion with God. Anticipate!

Learning that change comes with change: This is supposed to come off as normal, but it really did not. I learnt that new chapters cost you other things, like letting go of things and even people. Sad, but true.

I miss Agege Bread: If you read my post on 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me, you know bread and beans is my favorite food, and of course, I do not mean sliced bread. Since I moved to the US, I have missed Agege bread like crazy. Beans doesn’t taste how it should anymore, because how do you squeeze the sliced bread enough to make it thick? Sigh. I’ll soon start baking my own bread.

A GREAT DISCOVERY: Your location should not determine your actions. You should allow your destination (Jesus) be the actual reason for living, your standard, your means and your end. Can I get an Amen?!


I almost cannot get my hands off ALDI’s Blueberry Bagels. You already know bread and I have an unbreakable friendship, so these bagels just made the bond stronger. Throw it into the toaster, spread some butter, fry some eggs, make some oats sprinkled with chunks of fruits or ‘wash it down’ with some hot chocolate. Chee! Don’t worry, I’m still maintaining my weight.

What I’m Wearing:

Long T-Shirt that I picked from the men’s section

German slide-on sandals (no, it’s not Birkenstock)

Purse I bought in Lagos

Super big and pretty light earrings that found its way to me

A ‘whole mood’ fro. (I am excited at this level of hair growth!)

A wide smile

I did not want to make this so long, but I almost could not stop typing. That’s it Royalty! I hope you loved this post.

So far, I got a few questions about getting into graduate school as an international student. I do not mind making this an entire post upon request. Please let me know, in the comment section, if you are interested.

Thank you!

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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  1. All the glory be to God Almighty. He will sustain you with His divine wisdom for exemplary accomplishments in Jesus name. I am proud of you.

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