Hello Royalty.

How’s the weekend going? Today’s post is what we can call “laid back and chill” because we are simply going to have some fun with the “never have I ever” questions. As you read them, try to imagine which ones go for you as “never” or as “have.” Some of the questions are from FunAttic and I came up with the others, but I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Leggo!

Never have I ever:

  • sat in the back of a police car – NEVER
  • made money illegally – NEVER
  • faked an illness to stay home from work/school – NEVER
  • texted while driving – HAVE
  • spent a night in the hospital – HAVE
  • purposely given someone the wrong directions – NEVER
  • purposely given someone the wrong phone number – HAVE
  • fallen asleep in church – HAVE
  • written a book – HAVE
  • used someone else’s toothbrush – HAVE (accidentally though)
  • pretended not to be home when someone rang my doorbell – HAVE

  • gone skydiving – NEVER (someday soon!)
  • replied to a text pretending to be someone else – HAVE (or trying to sound like one of my sisters over the phone)
  • gotten so mad that I threw something through a wall – NEVER
  • had a crush on someone else’s spouse – NEVER
  • changed a baby’s diaper – HAVE. HAVE. HAVE
  • borrowed something I ended up keeping – HAVE (my friends don’t give me their books anymore)
  • broken something in a store and then walked away from it – NEVER
  • forgotten a loved one’s birthday – HAVE
  • had a fake ID – NEVER
  • farted in a store and quickly left the aisle – HAVE

  • fallen asleep while talking on the phone – HAVE
  • faked having to use the bathroom to get out of a boring class – HAVE (y’all! If I go to the bathroom in a 2-hour class more than once, I’m definitely getting sleepy)
  • found money and put it in my pocket without finding the owner – NEVER
  • told a secret I was supposed to keep – NEVER
  • eaten an entire carton of ice cream by myself in one sitting – NEVER (but for pizza, yes)
  • fallen in public – HAVE
  • driven a car – HAVE
  • gone out without brushing my teeth – HAVE
  • stalked someone online – HAVE
  • jumped through a fence – NEVER
  • thrown up in traffic – HAVE (Lagos traffic had me sick)
  • flown in a helicopter – NEVER
  • met a celebrity – HAVE (Y’all! I just remembered the first time I joined Skype, and I thought I found Vanessa Hudgens’s Skype account. “She” used to Skype with me, but never showed her face. It took me a while to accept that I had been fooled).

  • prayed for more than an hour – HAVE
  • spoke to someone about Jesus – HAVE
  • been criticized during evangelism – HAVE
  • missed church on a Sunday – HAVE
  • fought someone physically – NEVER
  • run away from home – NEVER
  • been scolded for stealing something – HAVE (first and last time I stole something was at age 5 or 6 – it was meat from the pot – and my sisters and mum gave me a good beating and scolding)

Okay that’s it Royalty! I hope you liked it and did you figure our your haves and nevers?


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Okay Royalty, see you next Wednesday!

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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