Hello Royalty.

If you did not know I watch basketball, well…there you have it, I do!

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The just concluded N.B.A. Finals has me totally gassed up right now. As I type this, it is 5:24am (WAT) and although I missed the first three quarters of the game (thanks to sleep and a long Friday) ?, I was able to catch up on the last quarter and I am totally excited.

This is a preplanned blogpost. I had it in mind to put it up whether we win the championship or not. Now, the thing that strikes me the most about the Golden State Warriors and why I am constantly screaming at every sound of “Warriors” is their team spirit . It is so apparent; you cannot deny it.  A friend of mine calls us the cheat team, with the claim that we have “four all star players”. In case you are reading this and that is what you think too, maybe you aren’t wrong about the players, but you’re wrong about the team.

Coach Kerr describes the boys as “talented…selfless” and always supporting one another. In a conversation I had with another friend, while the season was ongoing, we talked about both the Cavs and the Warriors. I have nothing against the Cavs, but I have come to realize that what draws most Cavs fans to the team is LeBron James. No doubt, LeBron has done so much for the team. I mean, he has done so much and he deserves the same. This is a player who, pretty much,  singlehandedly takes his team through to the top. And here’s the catch: if as little as two or three other players shared the “burden” with LeBron, the story would be totally different.

However, the opposite is what we see with the Warriors – teammates! It’s not just about Curry or KD, Green or Iguodala. It’s about everyone bringing his best to the table and making magic happen. What’s that thing they say? Teamwork makes the dream work.

BTW, Congrats to Kevin Durant on winning MVP!

Moreover, it might be “just a game”, but one of the things that brings me back to watch a live Warriors game or a rerun is the constant reminder that it pays to have accountability partners and people to do life with. The synergy is amazing. This is why I’m having a blogpost on basketball: just to let you know that living life with trusted people, people who believe in you, people who you are accountable to is a plus on destiny.

I am not saying, “Discuss your life with the world”. Be private as much as possible, but be open too, because sometimes, you never know when you are wrong if no one is checking. As private as I can be, I have never lived a sole life. It might be with one person, three people or five, but I am in touch with reality all the time. YES, there are moments for withdrawing from the overwhelm of life, the lie of competition, the lie of popularity over influence and the tendency to cover up the little foxes because “no one sees”, and also moments to become bigger and better. But in general, companionship, accountability, and relationships, are key ingredients to a world of colour.

Shout out to all of the family, friends and acquaintances who have been immense part of our lives in the most mind blowing ways. What would we do without you?

Who’s my fellow N.B.A. lover? Leave a comment and let’s talk life and basketball. ?

Have a blissful weekend!

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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  1. Hello Alex,
    Following your blog posts has without any doubt been impact full and a significant part of shaping the way I think many a times. This is a brilliant piece, your ability to find meaning and truth from a sport is mind blowing. Thank you for teaching us in your classroom, and helping us understand the relevance of not only teamwork but teamwalk especially in our unique paths in life. I was blessed by this, and God bless you richly. ☺ ☺ ☺

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