No Process, No Success!

Hello Royalty.

It’s #museday today and I am just going to be sharing a short, simple but powerful quote that I saw on Instagram some days back.

It says, “There are no substitutes for doing the work and no skipping steps in “the process.” 

Source: Pixabay

You have big dreams, ambitions, visions, name it…but have you ever caught yourself trying to jump a particular stage of your life because “it’s just too hard?” Hmm? While on earth as man, I mean, even Jesus wanted the cup to be taken away from Him, but it didn’t happen because it was meant to be. You know also that the butterfly did not just become so beautiful; it was once a caterpillar.

Why? There is something called the process in our success story and it is inevitable. The process grows us, teaches us and refines us. It’s the story behind the glory of success that makes the glory worth it.

Source: Pixabay

I know most of the readers here are young and in their process. Enjoy every bit of it. It might seem overwhelming but it’s only a sign of greater days.

See you on Friday for #fictionfriday!

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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