This Will Assure You of God’s Protection

Hello Royalty! I hope you’re staying safe and hope-filled in this period. What I’m about to share today is a never-before-experienced understanding that I gained from Bible Study time this week, precisely on Wednesday. This is a chapter of the Bible that I have read countless times in the past, but I just never saw […]

The ABCs of Building A Relationship with God

Hello Royalty! I realized most of us are talking about building a great relationship with God during this time of social distancing, and I observed that there are people who really, really want to do this: to pray, study their Bibles, experience intimacy, and finally see God become real in their lives BUT they just […]

5 Proven Ways to Keep Hope Alive

Hello Royalty! I’m sure you will agree with me that a number of “questioning” things have happened this year in terms of world events and maybe, even in your personal life, but as believers, we refuse to have our hope and our lives tied to circumstances so we will always overcome. In light of the […]

FAITH | Have You Been Interceding Wrongly?

Hello Royalty! Initially, I had planned to post a short fictional story for today’s post, but I discovered something this week that made me think really deeply about how intercession works for believers, and I realized that sharing this with you will come in handy. I’ve been reading Kenneth E. Hagin’s The Art of Intercession […]

FAITH | On Becoming His House of Prayer

WHOOSH! Hello Royalty! It’s our first post of the year. Are you as excited as I am??? Maybe not. Because beyond being the first post of the year, I am so excited about what I plan to share with you today, and you don’t know what that is yet, or you would be screaming with […]

Welcome Royalty! I hope this home forever rouses your royal capacities to go out into the world to do incredible things, and I hope you feel welcome every time you come back for refreshing.

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