O Jewa Ke Eng?

Hello Royalty If you have been on Twitter for two months or more, then the title of this post is pretty familiar. A big shout out to my friend, Dominion, @domi_ie who suggested this as a blogpost title. Why? Last week Friday, I put up an Instagram poll, asking, “How has your week been?” The […]


Hello Royalty. When people say a lot of things happen to them in one year, I find it almost impossible to understand. For me, it is usually just a few highlighted events and many daily routines in-between. But 2018 was different. It was so different that even though I am excited about 2019, I am […]

Welcome Royalty! I hope this home forever rouses your royal capacities to go out into the world to do incredible things, and I hope you feel welcome every time you come back for refreshing.

You're welcome!
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