SHORT STORY || An Ode to Mother-hood

Hello Royalty.

I hope your week is going just fine. Remember the last post on how 2017 will still end well for you? Never give up. Today’s really short write up is for all mothers and ‘on becoming’ mothers in the world. We love you for all that you are and all that you do. We love you fathers, too.

An Ode to Mother-hood


We knew what time it was when she was awfully quiet. She would switch into a whispering mood, from a gay atmosphere, one which she was initially responsible for. If you didn’t listen carefully, you almost wouldn’t know what was happening. With careful attention, you could hear lips rubbing and a /s/ sound every now and then, reminding you of phonetic classes at the Community School. When the movement of her lips was faster, she was probably speaking in tongues, as they call it.

In the morning, I’d ask her what all the whispering was about. This time, I would actually ask. She would say they were about prayers, prayers for me and my siblings to become great in life. When she says this, she would say it with a beam across her face and a melody in her heart. But this night, as soon as she was done with all the oral movements, she stifled a yawn. Then she prayed a Psalm. The 23rd one. She said this one more audibly, and then retired for the night.

I go to my room, wondering if I should whisper too, but what would I say. Maybe I would rub my lips, only to whisper that she lives long. Long enough to see my siblings and I become great…and even longer. Yes, her, my mother.


p.s: this is a picture of myself and one of my nephews

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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