Hello Royalty.

When people say a lot of things happen to them in one year, I find it almost impossible to understand. For me, it is usually just a few highlighted events and many daily routines in-between. But 2018 was different. It was so different that even though I am excited about 2019, I am not so eager to say goodbye to 2018. I realized that when we say we can’t wait for a new year to begin, sometimes it’s usually because the current year wasn’t the best. But guess what? You don’t need January 1 to get your life in order. Anyways, before I go on and on with how my 2018 ended, let’s go back to the start.

A Yoruba idiom says, Eyin loro, to ba jabo, ko ni se ko mo.This translates as “A speech is like an egg; once it is spoken, it cannot be reversed”. This was 2018 in a lot of ways –I experienced the fluidity of things, yet the irreversible nature of certain life events, which was both a good thing and a bad thing. 

To begin with, I published my first book, on a foreign platform, in December 2017. It was a 2018 devotional, and I was hoping to have it distributed to as many people as possible in the following year. But things started out on a less fluid note. Shipping and distribution were my job to figure out, according to the company, and I did not think that it would be too big of a deal until it was time to cross that bridge.

Shipping cost for one book was sixteen times the price of the book, and after many failed attempts, I let it slide, but I decided to publish only eBooks instead. The demands rushed in a few months after, “Do you have it in hardcopy?”and I came under pressure all over again. What did I do wrong? By mid 2018, I let the entire thing slide, and freed myself from a quarter to sadness. Between January and June, however, my life took a new turn.

How I’m walking out of 2018

In 2018, I found favor, and I mean unfathomable favor. Each month carried a bag of good news with it, and some not so good. However, every single time, the good far outweighed the bad. One of the many good events included a smooth admission into grad school; By smooth, I don’t mean that the dots connected in the process; I’m talking about the outcome. 

2018 was my Year of Yes…and I still haven’t read that book (maybe in 2019). But 2018 brought unmerited favor in every area of my life. Did I already mention that? It was also a year of financial uplift…but as I began to type this post, I had to go back to my journals (two journals in the course of the year) to see how it all began. I began with what I called the “REAL-DEAL GOAL”and while I had other plans for the year, my real-deal goal was “to be in an intimate relationship with Jesus each day.”

In 2018, I fellowshipped with God as a best friend. I moved to a new location, and even though I had a few family members around, I got to know God more as a friend. I had just graduated from the university and my list of friends were thinning out, so guess who listened to my rants? God. Guess who instructed me on what to do, and I had no choice but to follow because there were no alternative suggestions? Same God.To him, I cried, and I was honest with every feeling to the very bit. Guess what? It worked! It formed me, groomed me, filtered my life, and gave my life a fresh scent each and every day.

NB: I am thankful for life in 2018, thankful for family, friends and every reader of this blog. Thank You! I hope you had a good 2018 and I pray you have an even greater 2019!

In short, 2018 delivered. Grad school is going well, I’m meeting great people, strengthening old relationships, there are new opportunities, and I declare a greater year ahead for you and me. Did I mention that I haven’t given up on the devotional? It would now feature as daily blogposts on my website beginning from January 1, 2019. Hence, I am going into 2019 with one of the quotes that came to me during this year. I hope you do too:

Don’t say no one told you 
adulting will be hard.
These are not things to tell.
No one tells a caterpillar it will
become a butterfly,
But it is consumed
By a compulsion to transmogrify
And you too,
with all your yearnings to make it,
must fly.

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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