4 Must-Haves In Your 2017 Starter Kit

Hello there!

It’s so good to be back blogging again and yes, Happy New Year to you!

So I migrated already from Crafted Notes to this new site and I hope you love the change as much as I do. It might take a while to get used to it, but I am sure we all will.

It’s 2017 and it is just day two of an entire year. According to our blogging calendar, we should be talking about faith and spirituality, but I have decided to make that fall in line with some tips for the New Year.

I know you have a number of things lined up for the year already, (if you don’t, please get to work on that before the first week runs out) but I would also be sharing 4 things that must be in your 2017 Starter Kit.

  1. A relationship with God:

Let us not overlook this by any means. Whether you have grown over the years in seeking God for who He is or you are just about to start that journey, just make sure you are determined all through this year to grow in God. Remember at every time to make God your greatest priority and to give Him first place at all times. If you are young and of course, surrounded by exuberances and attention-calling activities, breathe in and do not allow any of those be an excuse not to seek God.

Get praying. Get reading your Bible. Get familiar with fellowship.  Get to telling others about Christ. Make spirituality a lifestyle.

  1. Intentions, not resolutions:

Please don’t catch yourself setting any New Year resolutions, if not… let’s leave it at that. But truly, enough of setting resolutions that resolve into nothing. A much stronger way of doing that is by having intentions, goals, aims, purposes, etc. that you want to achieve. Write down all of the things you intend to do in 2017 and the practical steps to take in order to see that happen. Remember to watch the little foxes that spoil the vine. Rip yourself of any habits you hate to see and get yourself ready for the year.

  1. A Detox Plan:

Say with me, “No clutter!”

Don’t you allow it this year.  Detox your life, diet and space. What kinda toxic do you need to deal with? I know I need to work on a healthier diet. If you’re like me and you watch your soda intake, awesome! Any anger, resentment or unforgiveness hanging over your head? Deal with it and let it go! Take a look at your living space also – throw out old papers from a decade ago, clear out unnecessary clutter and live in a clean space. It would make you feel better.

  1. A Reading List:

No way we’re gonna skip that. Get a list of books you want to read this year. You could make it monthly or weekly like I have done. Also, make it realistic so you don’t go ahead to beat yourself up when you don’t achieve it. Try reading at least one book every month…and if you can read at least one in a week, no problem! Simply get your mental capacity expanded. You’d be glad you did.

I hope you like my favourite tips for the New Year. I say to you again, Happy New Year!

May we all fly in 2017.

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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