8 lbs. OFF in 16 Days (No Exercise!)

Hello Royalty!

I hope this title doesn’t take you by surprise because it kinda felt different for me when I typed. We haven’t been big on inspirational and lifestyle blogs since the year began, so I figured it’s about that time! I believe and commit to a life that develops the spirit, soul, and body. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started.


Somewhere between the end of May and the beginning of June, I saw a post by @mytailoredhealth on Instagram. It was an ad for a 3-week cleanse with a certified health coach (who happens to be my sister), but family matters aside. In June 2019, I joined a 3-day juice cleanse hosted by a friend from college. We had healthy juices for breakfast, lunch, and spinach for dinner. By the beginning of the 3rd day, my insides were going to burst open. I was puking everywhere. Now, fast forward to a year after, here comes another cleanse. At first, I thought what is it about me and cleanses and June? I was not having it.

Source: My Tailored Health

Then, I took a look at myself, and thought of all my failed attempts at an exercise routine or healthy eating during the lockdown. I figured that if I couldn’t be a self-starter with this healthy lifestyle, someone else should be able to help. So, I signed up!


The cleanse held from June 8-28, which means I’m 20 days in right now, and it ends tomorrow! Exciteddd!

On the first few days, we were asked to write our goals and statements of inspiration for the reset cleanse. This was mine:

Goal #1: Lose abdominal weight

Why this goal? I want abs & I want my clothes to fit nicely lol.

Goal #2: Become a healthier version of myself

Why this goal? I think a healthier version will make me more fit & less tired.

Goal #3: Improve digestive health

Why this goal? I feel bloated every now & then.

STATEMENT OF INSPIRATION: My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and the house of my mind which contains all ideas, goals, and talents. If I take care of my body, I’m honoring God and giving myself better chances to succeed in all I do.

How did it go?

Being a 3-week program, it was divided into 3 sections, where each week’s goal was to kinda focus on something new. The first 7 days were withdrawal days. The week wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I went from eating bread everyday (don’t judge me, okay?) to eating a few servings, same with dairy, processed foods and all of that stuff. The second week was a gluten-free, dairy-free week. This was the intense week. I had withdrawal symptoms such as losing appetite (especially towards the end of the week), but I wasn’t exactly weak. On the contrary, I felt really light and clear-headed.

Now, the great thing about this cleanse program was that we were provided recipes, so I didn’t have to do much thinking about what to eat. Even though it kept me in the kitchen every now and then (when I could have just microwaved some jollof rice and chicken), I put it upon myself to have fun with the new meals: various shakes, lentil soup, brown-rice and stir-fry, fish tacos, rice bread toast, you name it…cooking and eating away like nobody’s business! And that, royalty, is how I lost 8 pounds. I got a scale at the beginning of the cleanse. On June 8, I was 165 lbs. (74.8 kg), and on June 24, I was 157.2 lbs. (71.3 kg). For the third week, we did some reintroductions of dairy and gluten on different days to see how the body reacts. I did not react so much to gluten – it was a slight ache in my belly for about 10 minutes, and that was it. However, I reacted to dairy a bit differently – it was a pounding headache that almost lasted a night.

This journey taught me one of my favorite lessons again: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! This post is not an ad or anything, but I believe in spreading the good news about anything, so If you would like to speak to my coach, you can do so through this link: CLICK HERE. Here’s a link to her Instagram and Facebook pages. Instagram @mytailoredhealth and Facebook page: My Tailored Health.



Playing on the concept of 21: 21-day fasts, a 21-day cleanse, and seeing that when a meal is planned for, it saves you the trap of overeating, I have committed to drawing up my meal time-table. I do not just want to go back to eating bread everyday. However, I’ll stick to a few servings a week and that goes for dairy too. I’ll also stick to one major thing I learned from this cleanse: EATING DINNER EARLY. We were told not to eat anything after 7pm. I missed that a couple times, but it never went beyond 8pm. So, the aim is 7pm from now on.

I have also committed to an ab-challenge for the next 21 days after the cleanse: just 21days to see how I perform. Who knows? I may finally commit to a physical exercise routine after that. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Taking a look at my mission statements and goals again, I realized I did great in June, and I literally feel my body thanking me for it. Haha! a girl’s waistline is nice (and the abs aren’t even in yet!).

Okay, thank you so much for reading, Royalty! Cheers to being better versions of ourselves.

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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