Hello Royalty!

Putting this post together is one the hardest things that I have ever done, because I am so awed at what has happened within two years, and if I were to go on and on, I would feel some words rolling down my cheeks. Before writing this, I took a look at my archives and at my Blogiversary post in 2016 from the previous site, then I drew a progress table and it is totally terrific!

Blogiversary Progress Report

Year One Year Two
Visits 16,510 76,312
Visitors 5,974 21,483
Subscribers 9 108
Search Engine Referrals (number of times referred) 124 2,416



Visitor Count from the Top 10 Countries in the past one year

The best way I can explain the progress to you is making you see it for yourself. I am so so grateful to God and so so grateful to you!  You know, how would I have pulled this off if you had not been behind your screens reading, sharing and leaving comments! I am so thankful and I really pray that God will enlarge your coasts and bless your kind hearts in Jesus name.

And yes, the blog is 2 today! (Obvious right?) I really wish I could meet each one of you in person and have a long chat with you, over some really nice meal. Would be amazing innit?

The blog plans for this past year were accomplished to a large extent, one of which included sending newsletters to subscribers. Yes, I finally got a hang of it and I hoped you enjoyed every word of my first letter.

Now, to the giveaway! Yes, this is the moment some of y’all been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not giving out a book this year, decided to think along the festive season. I am also tending towards the lifestyle aspect of my blog this time, so the following four prizes are


  • 6-piece wine glass set: This is open to everyone and goes to only one person.

  • 2 Slim golden wine glasses: These go to two people. If you are a blogger or writer, then you have extra entry for one of the cups. You should prove your eligibility by stating your blog address and social media page or your social media page reflecting your write-ups. The other glass can be won by anyone or another blogger/writer.

  • N1000 worth of airtime (any Nigerian network).


  • Subscribe to the blog and like the Facebook Page.
  • Follow Alexandra Zion on Instagram.
  • Leave a comment on this post about your experience as a reader of the Alexandra Zion blog and how it has impacted you. To identify the comment as a giveaway entry, use the hash tag, #alexandraziongiveaway.
  • For additional entry, repost your desired giveaway prize on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and tag your friends to like the picture. Use the hash tag, #alexandraziongiveaway. Winner is chosen based on the highest number of likes and engagements.

Closes: 4th December, 2017. 6pm (WAT)

There are definitely some new goals for the new year and others to come within the year. Some of them include more lifestyle posts. This year, I hope to strike a balance between the inspirational posts and the lifestyle posts. I hope to send you more and more newsletters (no, I won’t over bother your mailboxes). I’m just talking about better consistency. It’s the year to work with brands too! Thanks to a better readership and follower base, and it’s the year for advertisements. Let me know what else you would like to see here on the blog in the comment section or in my mailbox:

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Thank you again! Happy Happy New Month. May December be nothing short of celebrations for you!

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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  1. Congratulations dear!.
    These 2 years have definitely been awesome!. I wish you God’s grace and greater strenth in Jesus name. Amen!

    Well, your blog has inspired my blogging and my spiritual life. Once, I saw your post and I wanted to write every other post I made to look like yours because it was unique, beautilfu, straight to the point and you carry your readers along. Personal tutoring from the blogger herself helped a lot!.
    + I recently liked your facebook page. It’s beautiful !!!

    This third year is going to be greater for you!!!
    Congratulations once again.
    Stay blessed!!!


  2. Congratulations on your blogiversary. I feel fulfilled by the tenacity of purpose and focus with which you have consistently maintained the blog. The inspirational impact of the write-ups is equally overwhelming. I wish you God’s continual guidance with His wisdom to move to higher realms of exploits.
    Again, congratulations.

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