FAITH || Delete the “Offender’s” Screenshots TOO

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Welcome to a new week and a new month too! Before we get into today’s post, I would like to thank you for reading last week’s post, for the messages, comments, shares…whew! I was grinning!!! So, yes, thank you!

Now, today’s post goes straight to the point, and I bet you can already tell from the title that I am talking about forgiveness. Yes, we need to talk about the screenshots and chats that you saved from the one who hurt you. *insert GIF that nods head and looks at you shyly* For more context, however, do you remember the post from last October which said, “Forgiveness is not amnesia?” Yes! See this post as a continuation of that one, and if you have not read it, CLICK HERE.

Now that we are on the same page, I am one for the opinion that the more advanced the world is, the more it impacts on our lives and our decisions. Did I hear you say duh of course? Well…yeah! But here’s what I really mean. We have the internet, and because we have the internet, we have a new village, so while certain people see each other as competition offline and in their physical communities, the Internet also gives room for online competition. Another example is the impact of the internet on your faith and Christian walk. While it may have made your Christian journey “easier” because you can worship along with your YouTube playlist in solitude with God or read an entry from the Deep Roots Devotional site as a part of your day, it might have also created an illusion which tells you you are doing enough just to get by. On the contrary however, it takes more than that to sustain your walk with God – all other things are tools in your journey.

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That said, when it comes to forgiving other people, do you also realize that keeping screenshots and evidences of your chat with them is also related to your attitude of forgiveness? Now, I had a different idea for today’s post until I got Adaora Lumina’s ebook in my mailbox yesterday, and that inspired this post. You can find the exact words here on Instagram. Just click this link:

After I read that, I told myself, I need to blog about this, because many people are guilty/have been guilty (myself inclusive). A while ago, I was quite hurt by the things a friend said in an unexpected feud, and I kept “proof” of our chat. But come to think of it. Why? For the first few days after that happened, I would go back to read what was said, being the type of person who would always want to see reason in situations. But, I never went back to it after a month or so. Sometimes, I would scroll through my phone and stumble on it again, then just shave it off. But. I. never. deleted. it.

So, when I read Lumina’s post, it occurred to me that even though I had genuinely let go of what happened and sincerely now see the person in new light, why on earth did I have “proof?” I think it stemmed from the fact that the “proof” would come up as useful if at all anything was to happen…but now, as I think about it again and as I type this post, I’m talking to myself like “Nah..nah…you were stupid to have done so…Like…seriously, girl?! You were made for more than this.” So, today, I am calling all the people who hold screenshots and chat proofs even though they claim to have forgiven someone. That “proof” too needs to go. Ask yourself why you have it and be honest with your answer, you would realize that they hold no water, and sometimes, the seemingly insignificant things consume the best of us.

That’s really all for today – that’s all I had to say – go on now and delete the screenshots. Who knows? Your phone probably needs space for a new selfie. ?

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