In Love With An Architect

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Hello Royalty.

It’s #fictionfriday! I think this is usually my most exciting time of the week when it comes to posting on the blog.

Today’s poem is about a man called Kunle…who had this thing with an architect…

Source: Pixabay


is it the structures

that made it so hard to get

through the smile

and to the pain

which you sometimes felt?

is it the white paper

on which you drew

that cajoled me to forget

that you had weaknesses too?

is it the walls you built

that stopped me

from coming in on the real you?


maybe it’s the words you spoke

that told me

you were mine only

maybe it’s the letters you wrote

that assured me

i need not worry

or maybe it’s the creator

who has stamped

that with us

there’d be no together.


Hey! I hope you didn’t rush those lines ?…much more, I hope you had a nice read. See you tomorrow for #StyleSaturday. I’d be sharing some new, unusual stuff. Prepare ?

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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