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Hello Royalty.

How has the year been so far? Are you doing great? I hope you are!

Today, we’re looking at something pretty short and powerful at the same time. Did you know? Different people have different allergies – some are allergic to nonsense, lol, like I mentioned in this post. Some have food allergies, and one of the food allergies I find most amusing is that of sugar. Don’t believe me? Google it. Some other “allergies” are recommended. For example, when someone is diagnosed with high blood pressure, one of the recommended “foods” to stay away from is salt. Do you realize however that, as humans, we tend to crave the very thing we ought to stay away from, especially when we have been without it for so long?

Science explains that one of the reasons we may crave certain foods is being low in amino acids or if these amino acids are not functioning properly. The solutions? Take supplements, detoxify, clean out your kitchen, etc. The common thread among these proffered solutions is to replace these cravings with something else. What does that tell us?

If we apply these to all aspects of our lives as individuals, we realize that we need some detoxification too in those other aspects. For instance, if we find ourselves “craving” the “things” that stand against our values as believers, our work ethics, and our personal standards, we should be quick to detoxify, clean out our environments, and take certain medications e.g. the Word of God. Do you see where I’m going?

I usually see the month of January as a whole opportunity to prepare for the entire year. While we still can, take stock of all the allergies you can identify in your life, and determine to detoxify, clean out, or suppress them with something greater.

PS: You don’t need January to do this, but NOW is also a good time!

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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