Love Jars and Notes: Pre-Valentine Plans!

Hello Royalty.

It is #LifestyleSaturday and I apologise for missing a number of Saturday posts so far this year. I’d try to make that stop.

Right now, the underground, but overt buzz on campus in my school is about Valentine’s Day and how this person and that person is this person or that person’s val. *sigh*

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Well, recently I came across a post called Valentine’s Gift Guide, talking about gift ideas for Valentine’s Day and I really liked the idea of a jar and some love notes in it. Initially, I thought to myself that I would get a jar, write myself 14 love notes and read it to myself on Val’s Day. (Shhh…haha I didn’t know what I was thinking!) But if you are thinking what I’m thinking right now, then you know that would be so boring: reading love notes that I already know what the content is? Pftt.

So I thought about it this way as Tajinder put it in her post: how about writing 14 love notes, put it in a jar and give it to someone who is not even expecting it! That sounds good yeah?

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I believe it’s really not about the most expensive gifts but the heart behind the gift. A jar with some love notes would only cost your time, your ink and your paper. You can always get a jar around your environment or you could buy (it’s cheap). Also, instead of sitting and waiting for someone to hand you something, get out and do something for someone instead. The Bible says it’s more blessed to give than to receive.

Your love notes could be anything from writing about what you appreciate in the person(s), the moments you spent with him, her, or them that have made it worth it, the little thing they did but was so big to you, that harsh or sweet statement they made that helped you in a rough moment of your life, the time they sacrificed their time to do something for you, etc. You get the drill?


So please do something great for someone on Val’s Day. Please take a picture of your jar(s) with the notes in it on a white background before giving it out and put that picture on Instagram and/or on Twitter and tag the amazing person(s) who received your love jar(s). Use the hashtag #lovejarwithAZ and tag me too so I can repost and retweet!

I can’t wait to put up a picture of my jar, or maybe jars, on Tuesday! I cannot wait to see yours too! Have a super weekend.

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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