Multiple Hats, Revived Dreams, and the Strength of Staccatos

Hello Royalty! I recently discovered a type of music called staccato, and the dictionary defines it as music “performed with each note sharply detached or separated from the others.” I also learned that legato is its comparable opposite, which is played “in a smooth, flowing manner without breaks between notes” For a more vivid description, […]

Reflections: The Year Is 2020…

Hello Royalty! It’s that time of the year again – the time for the final blogpost of the year. It is no longer news that a lot has happened this year, and as I reflect on how the year has been, with only 11 days left, I realize I have a lot to say. However, […]

Gratitude & Growth: MY BLOG IS 5!

Hello Royalty! It’s a rush of emotions as I type this! I am exciteddd! Today makes it five good, amazing, beautiful, and growth-filled years since I started blogging. I am super grateful for the challenges, wins, breaks, consistencies, readership, shares, and comments. It’s been real and rad! 2020 in itself has been an extremely memorable […]

Welcome Royalty! I hope this home forever rouses your royal capacities to go out into the world to do incredible things, and I hope you feel welcome every time you come back for refreshing.

You're welcome!
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