POEM|| 5am Mail to Heaven’s Gate

Hello Royalty.

It’s another Poems, Tales or Book Review Wednesday and today, we have a poem which I have titled, “5am Mail to Heaven’s Gate”. (I wrote it at 5am?)

Source: @estellecmre

I hope you have a nice read?

My alabaster box is filled with letters,

Letters that make up words,

Words which oil your feet

With my awe of your majestic goodness

Words which tell of your indescribable kindness

And sing of your terrific wonders.

It’s amazing how you’ve embarrassed me with your love;

Never knew embarrassments could be so good.

The very way you pour your love all over me

When I feel alone

The beautiful ways you tell me

Not to look for love

Because I found you already

And you me.


Every bone,

Every tissue,

Every drop of blood

Is attached to these words

Which flow out of my alabaster

And I know I’m not great in any way

Nor will I ever be

Because it is You in me who is great.

Thank You. ?

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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