POEM || A Letter to My Love

Hello Royalty.

How is the week going? Mine’s going very well and I hope yours is even better. If you follow me on Instagram or on my Facebook Page, I posted a poem from my archives yesterday and I’m posting another today – here on the blog. If you also read my last post, Why I Started Blogging, I promised to share a “love poem” here. You should also know that some of the words in the poem were inspired by an archaic-words dictionary that I found online at the time. I hope you enjoy the read.


I am writing you a letter

my love

a letter to tell

of the whisper of every thought

the deepest desires

and the expressions in my heart.

I am writing you a letter

my love

a letter to express these words

that I go

way back to 39 B.C. to find

a letter of words in perfection

which vividly describe

your hair black as the dark diloa fish

and your eyes gentle as the macongue.

I am writing you a letter

my love

a letter that reveals those words

which call you

my dearbought creature

to describe you

as bright as daystar

to confess you 

as nothing but benison unto me,

the ticket for soup

with a nice map

and unfathomable maulers

plus a nice walk that sways me

a letter that defines you

as one with a knowledge box

that leaves me rident

in sempiternal wonder

while a kaleidoscope of butterflies

flit joyously on my inside.

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I am writing you a letter

my love

to bring back our days

now blown into a year

it all began with an August in October

overt predestination in realism

a goofy question brought it to action

decision was so secured

remember how chance boasted as the architect

time permitted not chance to linger

as it brought the overly sweet discussion

to an abrupt close

and in your words,

my love,

all that could be wished for

was when time and chance would meet again.

I am writing you a letter

my love

even as Jacinto inspires me

a letter that reflects

our best wishes for each other

a letter which sees my heart

telling you what a great man you are.

I am writing you a letter

my love

just to say I love you.

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This is one of the poems that I forgot to put a date on, but this must have been sometime in early 2014 or in late 2013. When I read this poem, I am amazed at how much I have grown. Three years is no joke, right? By the way, what does love mean to you? (Comment section)

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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  1. Well, this is so beautiful in the sense that you have matured a lot in your writing even though am not that good a writer to judge! But I appreciate your acceptance of your poems even though they vary in content, I hope you showed “my love” the poem!!??

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