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Hello Royalty


Guysss! It feels like it's been forever. If you saw my notes right now or the backstage of this blog, you will see that I have tons and tons of blogpost drafts all over the place. Yes, I have been writing, but posting has not been much of a thing in the past month, as you can tell. Who do we blame? School. But nah, we cannot really blame school because you already know I like it there.

Speaking about school and a quick life update, the semester is literally wrapped up, and I could not be more excited to kick my legs in the air for the holidays! I am getting prepared for my first wintery Christmas, and I am looking forward to that. The semester was amazing, but obviously, it was attention-grabbing. I smiled, cried, prayed, sang, and danced (a lot). Before now, one of the ways I used to relieve myself from the stress of reading academic books by reading a non-academic book (weird, I know). I found a new way this last quarter: DANCING. No, I am not a great dancer, but I try guys, I promise, I try. On one of those days, I got home overwhelmed with work, school and what not. I spoke with God about it, cried my heart out, and then I jerked up, played some music and danced. It has been a culture since then, and it sure works some magic. I started in front of the mirror, but now I do it everywhere. No, don't go there. Don't try to imagine me dancing. Thanks.

Did I talk about my first Thanksgiving here? I know you know, but to be petty (as I happen to have started this post with that kind of energy), Thanksgiving is the annual holiday that takes place in the US in November. I had two working days off to spending some time eating Thanksgiving Turkey, but I travelled instead. I was in New York for 48 hours, and I have an upcoming post on that trip. In short, thanksgiving week was amazing, but the following week came and one of my seminar papers was due. Oops.

That's pretty much a summary of how I have been since I have been off the blog. Now to the highlight of the day:


Christmas came early!

I know we marked the third year of the blog about two weeks ago, but today, I am announcing the giveaway winners on this post. If you read the blogiversary post, you already know that I wanted to do something different for the giveaway this year. Although there was some kind of reluctance from most people (talmbout unfamiliar giveaway and stuff), I am totally grateful for the people who stepped over the line.

What was the giveaway? Let me write you a story from your story AND/OR ask for anything you want. The entries were a blend of "wow" and "what??" As I said to a friend of mine, this giveaway humbled me, not by the numbers, but by the depth, and for the umpteenth time in my life, but in a more intentional way, I wished I could give out every single thing to every single person who asked, but you know how it is (wealthy status still loading lol).

Anyways, DRUMROLLS, here are the 2018 Blogiversary Giveaway Winners:




who are we to talk about faults

to judge with our criss cross eyes

the very things for which we are guilty

my guilt. your guilt. we all make mistakes

but our containers of mistakes differ



our scars do not define us

our scars do not define us

our scars do not define us

our scars do not define us

our scars do not define us

our scars do not define us

our scars do not define us

seven times or twenty one

I would have said time will heal

but I know that's only another message

that has built its walls in your heart

I would have said just breathe

but I know you do so every second of the day

I would have said look on the brighter side

but that's what you are trying to do

so darling, speak

they beat you to dust,

but rise

they blamed you for their own sin,

but speak

your scars don't define you,

don't deny it

it happened

but it doesn't define you, darling

it will never define you.


WINNER 1: Oluwaseun Togun

GIFT: A tripod

WINNER 2: IG: @callher_esther

GIFT: The Word in my Walk Bible Study Journal

Bonus Winner: IG: @_thecapsule

GIFT: A guest write-up on the blog.

Again, I am grateful to everyone who participated! You definitely made my year. Have a most wonderful "rest of the year" and see you on Saturday with a new blogpost.

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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