Until Execution is made King, Desires are Overrated.

Hello Royalty.

Nike couldn’t be more right when they said, “JUST DO IT.”

With a bit of internet issues here and there, I couldn’t post on Monday; so I have merged Monday’s post on Faith and Spirituality with today’s Muse post.

Enjoy the read.

I started reading a book some days ago titled, The Praying Life – Living Beyond Your Limits by Jennifer Kennedy Dean.

For a while now, I have had an intense hunger for a more effective prayer life, questions keep rolling in my head on what prayer should really be about, what the purpose of prayer really is, how I can discipline myself to pray even when I feel so weak and tired, when the best time to pray is, how my prayer list should be prioritized and so on. It seemed like there were no answers coming to my questions, but these questions kept ravaging my heart.

After a while, someone shared an audio message with me on the topic, “Why We Pray”. It was for about an hour and as I listened to it, I realised certain truths. The first thing that hit me hard was this, “There is no power problem. There is no faith problem. There is no spirit problem. If there is a problem, it’s a prayer problem.”

Truly, when something seems not to be going right, check, check, check your fervency on the altar of prayer.

Another thing is prayer is not just meant to get something from God. Prayer is more important than the things you get from it. The reason for prayer is more about us than what we are praying about because it helps to build our relationship with God. Prayer is meant to change us and this was also emphasized in the book.

I also learnt that when we pray, we’re not trying to get God to do what we want; rather, we should aim at understanding the heart and the will of God i.e. not changing his will but activating his will, hence reproducing God’s heart in us.

 I also learnt that in the place of prayer, we do not always go ahead to open fire on heaven with our requests all at once, but we should understand that prayer begins with God. Dean suggests that we can begin by asking, “Lord, what do you want to talk with me about?”

Now to the MUSE part

I realised something in all of this, that at the end of all learning, it is still not prayer until you have prayed, which has inspired today’s main post that desires are great, knowledge is exceptional but execution is king.

Sometimes in our Christian walk, as Spoken Word artiste, Genetics, said, we find ourselves “flirting with the ideology of ‘Can you just tell me how much I can get away with and still be saved?’” We want to eat our cake and have it. We are trying to choose between two options that do not resonate with each other. We claim that we want to grow in prayer, for example, but every step we take pretty much draws us away from that life of growth. It’s like wanting to be in a relationship but not wanting to give up your singleness. You get the drill?

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Today, I have written this post to help us understand that when we want something, we need to consciously take steps that would ensure the actualization of that thing. It’s great that we intend to develop our knowledge bank or prove to that friend that we care, but until we take conscious steps that would enforce our intentions into reality, then we have done nothing.

I am guilty of this sometimes and yes, I am working on it too. So I am writing this to you and I.

Don’t be swallowed up in the overrated strategies that you keep making, get up and take steps. It’s never over emphasized that little drops make a mighty ocean. So start already and act already, if you really want results.

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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  1. Hi Alexandra,
    Thank you for this write up. It was beautifully written and i learnt alot from this, which I will put it into actions.
    Like you wrote, the way we approach God in prayers really matters, we find ourselves always asking from God without listening to hear what he wants from us or for his direction…
    This word won’t depart from me “Lord, what do you want to talk with me about?” With the help of the Holy Spirit I need to listen more to God rather than ask always. Grace to follow his will in our lives.
    Thanks alot.

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