What to do When Love Comes Knocking

Tea is one of mother’s favourite solution.

As I sit in our old house that morning, she gives me some tea to drink. I reminisce the paintings that hang on the wall and how they still look the same, and even more beautiful.

As I sit, I think about love and the aura of it. I think of love’s goodness and the butterflies that tug along with her. Then my heart takes a journey without my consent.

“I want to love again” he said. “I want to find a new and forever home, this time in your heart.”

His words caressed me, more than they shocked me. This seemed like what I had waited all my life to hear. I had forever waited for the truth to come along, so I had listened to many heartbeats but none matched mine. Sometimes they were too fast; other times, they were too slow and over the years, I had watched myself wallow in the shadows of rejection.

You know I was tired of being the bridesmaid but never the bride. I wanted my own strong and sturdy.

Then him.

I shuffled in the dilemma of taking him by his word, thanks to the rest of them – my elder brother likes to call them ‘ancestors of no good.’

But this time. It was different and he seemed really sincere.

Mother watched me drink my tea, unconscious of every sip.

“Have you prayed?” She asked.

“Yes mum.”


“I told you already.”

“Then go ahead. Love. One more try.” Mother said.

Hello Royalty.

It’s #fictionfriday and I hope you enjoyed the short story up there.

No, I am not going to end this post without saying a HAPPY NEW MONTH to you. I hope you also know that this blogging journey would have been pretty much frustrating and tiring if you haven’t been reading. So, thank you! This month of March will be a beautiful month for you.

February was a success and the prayer is that March will be an even greater success. In February, the blogging goal was to ensure that by every post, we all understand that it is never too late to make a turn, no matter how long you have gone on the wrong road. This March, we have another goal to embrace opportunities, maximize strengths and live a life of no limits!

Ready to go on this journey with me?


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Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion


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