Hello Royalty. Writing this post is like lifting a particular burden off of my chest. This title has been in my drafts for as long as I can remember. I remember coming up with the title after almost drowning in the dilemma of what “forgive and forget” actually means for us as human beings, and […]


Gaunt is the old man who lives across the compound. Gaunt is how I feel when I play your words in my head – a hit record one might call it, an album of five words – “it is over between us.” Oh let us remember to add that refrain, “May we be distant forever.” […]

Welcome Royalty! I hope this home forever rouses your royal capacities to go out into the world to do incredible things, and I hope you feel welcome every time you come back for refreshing.

You're welcome!
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A Walk Down Memory Lane

Hello Royalty! It’s #fictionfriday. Forgive me for the late post…I had quite a busy one today. Today I am sharing a story that was previously on my former site. It’s called Remembering Childhood. If you have read it once, there’s much more beauty in reading it again. She had the world about her. You could […]